My first love in painting is still life.  Oil is my favourite medium. I am influenced by the still life paintings of the 17th century Dutch Masters, the work of Chardin and, to some extent, the work of Cezanne who used colour to depict form.  I concentrate on seeing the subtleties of what is before me and on drawing them as accurately as possible.  The importance of doing this has been reinforced by several years of study in France in the studio of master painter and teacher, Ted Seth Jacobs.

I am especially interested in representing the changes that are brought about by the passage of time.  I may look, for example, at imperfections in a pot, the patina resulting from use over many years, or the effects of corrosion on surfaces.   Some of my still life paintings may be seen as metaphors  of  the aging process. In landscape painting I am interested in atmospheric conditions which are constantly changing.  This work tends to be impressionistic compared to the detailed realism of my still life painting.

My favourite locations for painting are Vermont, Loire Valley in France and Wellington County in Ontario.  I maintain studios in the Loire Valley,  France and in Orton, Ontario.


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