Denis Hopkins at his home, near his studio in Les Cerqueux, France

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Private collections in Canada, United States, United Kingdom and France

Wellington Artists’ Gallery, Ontario 
Elora Arts Centre, Ontario
Headwaters Arts, Alton Ontario

Wellington Artists’ Gallery, Ontario
MacLaren Art Centre Benefactor
Program. Barrie, Ontario
I was born in Aberdeen, Scotland and raised in Banchory, Kincardinshire. I studied medicine at St. Bartholomew’s Hospital, London, England. I came to Canada in 1957 and was a “Sunday Painter” until retirement in 1996.

In recent years, I undertook study at the Albert Defois School of Realist Painting in the Loire Valley, France, under the guidance of Ted Seth Jacobs. This involved studio work on a daily basis for eight months of the year over a period of six years with critiques, demonstrations and personal supervision. We worked from the model every morning and painted still life in the afternoons. Ted Jacobs is a master painter who developed and is the leading exponent of Restructured Realism. Students came from all over the world to learn his methods. Only ten were accepted each year and it was a rare privilege to have been one of these. I am grateful for the meticulous attention I received from Ted during my years of training and to have been mentored by him.
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Three Graces on Holiday from the Louvre

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